Lockdown2 - what now?

Date Published: 02/11/2020 10:25

Jillian Thomas responds to the news about Lockdown2, with a reminder that the staff here at Future Life Wealth Management are here for you.

Before I start to round on politicians and their decision to take us into lockdown 2, surely we need to start by examining our own decision-making and looking at how we have impacted on the second lockdown.

When we point the finger at politicians and their lacklustre management of the pandemic, we need to realise that there are three fingers pointing back to us saying we own some of the issues. If we are to get out of this with the best outcome, then we, each of us, needs to accept responsibility for the actions we take, to bring this to a speedy, and medically acceptable conclusion.

Our politicians, the dithering, the U turns, and a Cabinet only there because they agree on getting Brexit done. Surely it is time to put the best people in decision-making positions; those with experience, leaders, who know how to lead and inspire and make difficult decisions?

Choosing not to appear on certain TV channels, because they ask awkward questions, is a total dereliction of the duties of our elected parliamentarians. Why not include former Prime Ministers, joining a task force to get us through this?  But this lack of vision and leadership, inappropriate tone and lack of attention to detail, are some of the reasons we find ourselves in this situation. I have repeatedly said that this situation is far bigger than politics, and now is the time that we should be looking at getting all our intellectual brains together, for them to act as one, without political bias, to get a through this national crisis. Isn’t interesting that in the Far East, where the virus has been to date less of an issue, it is the scientist and the public health teams that make the decisions, not the elected officials. What does that tell us?

As a financial planner I, and my team, been exposed to an awful lot of the good and the bad that have happened during the pandemic. On a personal basis we have been called into action, receiving the phone calls from loved ones when a family member has died. We've had to deal with the outcome, and I’ve shed a tear or two each time this has happened. But this is what we are engaged to do, and we are here to help you, at your times of need.

With the backdrop of a further lockdown, Brexit, and the American Presidential election there is going to be volatility on the investment markets over the next week or so.  We are therefore going to increase, as we did in Lockdown one, our visibility and commentaries, and access to fund managers via video conference calling, so you can understand what is happening.  The Bank of England Monetary Committee findings are expected on 5th November, and we could see an announcement with regards to negative interest rates – if we do we will react and be in touch with you. But remember, we are not here just for the ‘summer days’, we are engaged to look after you, and put umbrellas up during the storms!

But what is essential is that no sudden, knee-jerk decisions are made. Yes, you may feel uncomfortable, but this is the time that you call or make contact with us. We saw what happened in February and March when the investment markets pulled back, and then the rapid recovery afterwards.  If you are needing assurance or input from us, please do not hesitate to make contact with us. 

We will like the last lockdown, have one member of the team in the office dealing with post and incoming telephone calls, with the rest of the team from tonight working from home. But wherever we are we will continue, to the best of our ability look after you and your finances.

Keep safe everyone.

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